According to design of the card i will paint a box with the date of birth, birth weight, the name and length on it. A unique personal gift for the parents to be the first to preserve valuable baby things in. You can also fill birth crate itself with all kinds of nice stuff and  then  give.

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Are you looking for a unique and personal birth or wedding gift? Then order a birth or wedding box at Kidskunst.

Thus you give the parents or the bride and groom a unique hand-painted personalized gift to keep their tangible memories of babyhood or marriage.
!! New Item: Birth Paintings!!

On a canvas of 20 x 20 cm I paint an image to preview the card with name and date of birth. The whole becomes festive wrapped. Nice to give next to the box.
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!!! New Item: Dolls Pram !!!

At Kidskunst now also the possibility of a birth announcement card to paint on a dolls pram. Complete: painting + cladding (pillow, blanket and mattress). Euro 95.00.
For more information you can email to:
Also those most beautiful day out of their lives is past so fast!  Let therefore a wedding box painting with the wedding invitation on it and give that as a gift to the bride and groom. In the wedding box can they keep all their goods in memory of their marriage.

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Birth Boxes
Wedding Boxes
Birth Boxes
Wedding Boxes
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